Roxie Reeves

shift RVA

entrepreneurship/social cause/brand design

A unique staffing agency matches adults with autism
with autism-friendly businesses who are seeking employees.  

These ads target individuals with autism as well as caregivers of those with autism.
Our research showed that

one in 68 people has a form of Autism Spectrum Disorder.


Stickers placed in storefront windows advertise when a business has become "Shift Certified".  

A Shift Certification indicates a business and its employees have completed training to become more aware of how ASD can manifest and some appropriate means of showing acceptance.  It may also indicate the business has made some design alterations to make the environment more friendly to those with ASD.

Postcards placed at Shift Certified businesses and partners like the Faison School boost awareness of our program.

AD:  Roxie Reeves
CW:  Ray Tolbert
XD:  Heather Keller
CS:  Sean Henry Banks
CBM:  Danielle Young