Roxie Reeves



You vacuum because you like cleanliness, not because you like to clean.
And chances are, you avoid doing certain things inside just so you don't have to deal with the aftermath. 
Quit it.  Let go a little, and do those things you've been avoiding.  Leave the vacuuming to Roomba.

Tag:  It's not your job anymore!



Quitting can be cause for celebration.

When you open the limited edition "party pack for quitters",
confetti spills out everywhere, giving you the opportunity to test out your new machine!


Receive email tracking updates

that count down the days until "quit day,"
from order completion through delivery.  You can also view the tracker on the website. 

This animated takeover ad

capitalizes on the fact that you don't have to click anything to get rid of it.  
It cleans itself up.


Roxie Reeves/Katie Tiambeng