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La Macedonia  
(The Fruit Salad)
The most dramatic 30 seconds of fruit you will see today. 

My Juvenile
A music video.

Roxie Reeves/Lily Fu
Musical Artist:  Bjork (Remix by Flight)

Find Your Calling
(Branded Content)
A story about changing careers.  

Roxie Reeves/Yelena Rybkina
Special Thanks to:  Rappahannock Oyster Co.

Hallmark (0:30 spot)
Sometimes it's difficult to tell the ones we care about most exactly how we feel.  
Tag:  Find the right words.

Screamfest (0:60 spot)
Screamfest LA is a horror movie film festival that screens only the best of the genre.  
It also allows independent filmmakers to spread their wings.
However not all submitted will be accepted into the festival.
Tag:  Curated by the industry's best.

AD:  Roxie Reeves & Logan Kornhauser
CW:  Stephen Shocket & Scott Minniear


Eagle Hawk Falcon Owl at Rough Magic Studios - Brooklyn, NY - Feb 2011

Eagle Hawk Falcon Owl at Rough Magic Studios - Brooklyn, NY - Feb 2011

Music has always been a huge part of my life.  My dad taught me my first guitar chords at age 13, and I studied opera singing and jazz trumpet as a teen. In my 20's, I played bass guitar and fronted a rock band in Brooklyn, New York called Eagle Hawk Falcon Owl.  Here are some songs I wrote and recorded with them.

The last song is an acoustic cover of Fleetwood Mac's Landslide. It's my dad's favorite.

Currently I'm working on a collaboration with an electronic music producer from Iran.