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Pitchfork has established a reputation for having high
standards when it comes to the music they review.  

Tag:  Defining what's good in music.




Album Wars:  A card game by Pitchfork.

It's like War meets Battle of the Bands:  each player draws a card displaying an album cover, and the highest rated album wins. 



Users with the Pitchfork Chrome Plug-In

will receive a warning any time they search for an artist
with an album that Pitchfork has rated 3.0 or below.

They will also receive recommendations for music
that has received ratings of 8.0 or above. 


Upload your favorite playlist to the Pitchfork Facebook App,

and based on the ratings the albums on your playlist received, Pitchfork will rate your overall taste in music.  
Because who knows what's good in music better than Pitchfork?
No one.


Pitchfork Tumblr

is a blog curated by the critics at Pitchfork
that applies the Pitchfork decimal rating system to current events. 

Positive events can receive a #ForkYes rating,
while negative events are subject to a rating of #ForkThat.

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Roxie Reeves/Charlie Curnow