Roxie Reeves

champion sportswear

 *Winner at the Richmond Show 2015 for Nontraditional Campaign*

Champion embraces sports that lie just outside the mainstream, and in doing so, it also embraces the atheletes that play, not for fame or fortune, but for the love of the game.  

We asked people to submit 15 second video entries to the Champion Alternative Sports Hall of Fame via Instagram using


are featured on the microsite as well as in the form of 3D statues in the traveling hall of fame.
The microsite also features a limited edition line of sportswear & equipment specific to the winners' sports.

The VCU Quidditch Team

was one of the featured winners in 2015.  
See their mini documentary below.

Our Manifesto

shows several other alternative sports that could be featured in the future.

AD:  Roxie Reeves/Lily Fu
CW:  Stephen Shocket/Jacob Pankey