Roxie Reeves



Brookstone needed a refresh. We gave it reconstructive surgery.  


Brookstone was founded on the idea of innovation. 

Our strategy was to take it back to it's roots by making it not only a store,
but also a workspace for makers - a den of discovery - where ideas can be
hatched and nurtured.  We intend to test the market with 5 new stores located
in major cities and advertise with the following full-scale campaign.


Interactive Magazine Ads

By folding the corner and touching the dots together,
you complete a circuit, which lights an LED in the center of each ad.



The Flagship Store

in DUMBO, Brooklyn utilizes underground space and repurposed industrial materials.

A Web Series

shown on Virgin American flights features makers and inventors all over the world.  
Viewers are directed to the Hatchpoint website or kiosks in their destination airport once they land.


We updated the name to reflect a more modern startup vibe. A place where ideas are born:  Hatchpoint by Brookstone.  

The "by Brookstone" retains Brookstone's existing brand equity during the transition.  

The font and colors also help bring it up to date:  green represents new growth, and orange represents fun. The grey and neutrals ground the palette with an industrial feel.  



in each of the 5 cities create awareness of the new store by highlighting well-known makers & innovators like Nikola Tesla, Elon Musk, and Richard Branson.  The last stop on each tour is the egg-shaped store.


Interactive billboards

placed in subway stations allow users to scan parts and products
to see pictures of fun inventions that others have made with them.  


Overhead Ads

in subway cars and buses speak to
the different types of makers, like
the tinkerer, the inventor, and the
ambassador, while creating
awareness of the new store/workspace.


Escalators Inside Airport Terminals

peak interest with quotes about invention and innovation. They
also direct travelers to Hatchpoint kiosks outside existing Brookstone stores at their departure gates, where they can try out new mobile apps and learn more about the brick-and-mortar locations.


AD:  Roxie Reeves
CW:  Katie Tiambeng
XD:  Heather Keller
CS:  Will Jenkins
CBM:  Jahan Nargolwala